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Omni Middle School9

Boca Raton, FL | Palm Beach County


July 23, 2014

I have attended this school all three years and honestly have learned nothing from it. Most of the teachers talk about themselves, and waste your class time SPECIALLY the "Language Arts" or English teachers. This school is also a really hard school to start off as a new student mainly because its so obnoxiously packed with kids. Honestly, this school may be a 10 or an A++ school but I wouldn't recommend it, also this school is FULL of drugs (at least the years I attended which was from 2010-2013). Not just drugs, but because Boca is classified as a "rich" person city, this school is full of snobs that act "ghetto" and smoke to get attention. When it comes to bullying, I never got bullied but I've seen it happen, except if you're a 6th grader you have greater chances of getting bullied by an upperclassman. And if you don't wear nice clothes and you DONT have a jansport slim backpack or vans, you will also be bullied. Overall, this school was alright... But I would certainly NOT recommend it!

May 31, 2014

By far the worst school I've ever been to. Many people complain about bullying, when in reality, that is not the school's biggest problem! I spent a little over two years as a student at this school and I've seen unspeakable horrors. I came in as a straight A, well-behaved, honor student, but Omni really changed me. Of all the teachers I had, three were good, eight were awful, and the other few were neutral. The worst part about the staff is that they focus on nearly-harmless name calling or small arguments, ignoring the real issues. They turn a blind eye to major problems and try to hide them away, because the school's only interest is FCAT scores. So many kids get held back, so there are even some sixteen-year-olds there. The staff can be very disrespectful to parents and even more so to students. My parents regret the decision to let me attend Omni more than anything else they've ever done, and I can't say i blame them. We were attracted to the good ratings, but clearly that is not a reliable method of choosing a good school. Horrible, horrible school. Please spare yourself the trouble of putting yourself through the same awful experience that I went through.

January 7, 2014

Omni is a great school. My son is in seventh grade and is constantly challenged, especially in his math and English classes. The teachers have high expectations and do a great job in responding to my concerns.

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August 6, 2013

i really didnt like this school because kids get bullied allot there and plus the teachers and staff dont really help i dont go there

July 9, 2013

I was very disappointed with this school. It enjoyed a good reputation, but the teachers did not do an effective job with my son. My son had the potential to excel and he fell through the cracks achieving below average performance. To make matters worse, the administration did nothing about it even after several conferences. I think that palm beach county needs to address the administration staffing on the future of this school.

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June 12, 2013

I am very sad as to my child having to deal with all the bullying this school has. Staff is not to helpful. Teachers are sometimes unaware of what is going on in the classroom. The worst 2 years of my childs life was here at Omni! Too many kids and not enough awareness!

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May 14, 2013

I chose this school zone due to the overall ratings. I am extremely disappointed in the teachers. Out of 6 teachers only 2 are good. The 4 that are lacking speak horribly to the students. One gives their personal opinion on ethnicity, religion and politics...As an educator shouldn't you stay neutral and just state the facts and let the students make their own decision? The staff in the student service department talk to the kids like they are lower than low. The 4 poor teachers I am speaking about also speak horribly to the students. How do you expect the students to be respectful when all of you teachers are acting like Neanderthals? Very disappointed in the educators and administration. Maybe they should take a course on social skills and courtesy.

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April 26, 2013

After having attended this school for 3 years, I think that this is a good school. Nothing more, nothing less. I admit that this school, with over 1500 students, is grossly overpopulated. It has many excellent teachers, though, and a plethora of academic opportunities, along with very good elective programs. The band is one of the best in the entire state, with and amazing conductor. I started sixth grade not able to tell a saxophone from a trumpet, and after a year I was a talented saxophonist, able to play complex solos and sight read with ease. It has many very gifted students who are able to excel at academics at this school. However, the pros end there. I was subject to terrible bullying throughout my time being there, with the teachers and principle doing little to nothing about it. The majority of the children there do not care about their education, and write graffitti and bully other students just for the hell of it. This is an issue with most public school, I understand, so this is probably still better than most of the other "public" middle schools in the district. Overall, while I wouldn't recommend this school, I wouldn't say it is terrible.

March 7, 2013

This is a bad school: - Teachers barely teach the concepts - The amount of homework is minimum - School priority is the FACT scores, actual learning is 2nd priority - Cafeteria food is bad I am looking at alternatives right now, but the private schools aren't that great either in this area. Anyway, this is Florida, where education is not a priority. Land of elderly and tourists.

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July 8, 2012

Instead of always saying how we need to improve the schools how about someone just do it? My kids are all stuck in these FCAT driven institutions. Florida schools are still misappropriating funds and the direction in which education should be prioritized. All of our kids will be out of these over crowded schools before the education levels are improved. If I could move out of state I most certainly would.It is a disgrace how over crowed Omni School is . 1600 kids ....come on . The campuis needs a steam cleaning and is filthy . Finally, another principal? Where is the consistency? What are we showing our kids with all of these principals leaving after just a year. Look at last year with the multiple principal changes. What a shame.

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May 31, 2012

you would not think omni middle was in boca raton.my son goes to omni and get bullied everyday.this will be his last year here.we have talked to the teachers and they do nothing.i would not recommend this school to my worst enemy.

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March 30, 2012

We have a Child in 6th Grade at Omni and we couldn't be happier. We are very happy with the education she is receiving, as well as most of her teachers. Mr White the Guidance Counselor is terrific especially whenever there is a problem or issue. We had an issue recently and as far as we are concerned the Principal wanted nothing to do with this and we were told we needed to take it up with the AP. The New principal at this point needs to be reassigned to another school, because Omni is not for her. She wants no interaction with the parents nor the kids and puts it all on her staff. Our Daughter also is very happy at Omni and has made some great friends.

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March 25, 2012

This is my child's second year here at OMNI middle school. She absolutely loves it her and so do I. The new principle is great, there are many parents who complain about their "concerns" but the truth of the matter is that the school is great and the teachers, staff, and principle are doing a fantastic job at educating our children and doing their best to keep them safe.

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March 25, 2012

Omni middle school is a really awesome school so far. This is my son's first year here and I've heard mixed reviews but the negative feedback is appalling. The teachers and new principle have been nothing but great to my son. He actually likes going to school! Go Jaguars!

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March 5, 2012

My child right now is attending Omni Middle school for her 2nd year. Her first year was a bit a rough but since the new principal joined the jaguar family this year, my daughter experience here has been much more enjoyable. I'd recommend this school to anyone looking for a safe place to send their children for education. Recently I've heard of people being unhappy with the new staff and principal. Without any merit people complain about this change. I have spoken to the new principal myself and I have to say that she seems very passionate about her job and really cares for the students. Her past endeavors speak plenty enough for her professionalism and character. The teachers at this school have been very helpful and have answered any questions and concerns I have had about my daughter and her education. Go Jaguars!

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