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Wednesday, September 14, 2022   /   by Barbara Oleska

Fall Buyer's Guide

Great news if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines!Right now might be your best chance to come back and buy your dream home.Why, you ask? Inventory has ticked up and buyer traffic has slowed the absorption of current listings. That gives you more options and more negotiating power. Finally, right?!Right now may be your best opportunity to jump in during the lull. As consumers adapt to the changes in the interest rates (still historically very low) and fewer new listings are coming on the market, you may face much more competition in the coming year. Prices are still expected to slowly increase and if interest rates tick up, affordability will decline.Is this your moment? Click on my Fall buyers guide below. If buying seems like it might make sense for you now, let’s connect and review your options. ...

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Thursday, September 8, 2022   /   by Barbara Oleska

My Fall Seller's Guide

Everybody has questions. Market crash? Recession? What does it mean?If you’re thinking about selling your house, please click on Fall guide below to download. While the market has cooled, that also means you’ll have more negotiating power when you buy. It all works out, right?If you’re thinking and wondering about selling, give me a call and we’ll discuss your property in our local market. ...

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Thursday, August 25, 2022   /   by Barbara Oleska

A Real Estate Professional Helps You Separate Fact from Fiction

Don't let the memes get you down!

A Real Estate Professional Helps You Separate Fact from Fiction
If you’re following the news, chances are you’ve seen or heard some headlines about the housing market that don’t give the full picture. The real estate market is shifting, and when that happens, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. That’s where a trusted real estate professional comes in. They can help debunk the headlines so you can really understand today’s market and what it means for you.
Here are three common housing market myths you might be hearing, along with the expert analysis that provides better context.
Myth 1: Home Prices Are Going To Fall
One piece of fiction many buyers may have seen or heard is that home prices are going to crash. That’s because headlines often use similar, but different, terms to describe what’s happening with prices. A few you might be seeing right ...

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Thursday, August 18, 2022   /   by Barbara Oleska

Selling Your House? Your Asking Price Matters More Now Than Ever

Below is an article I'm sharing about national trends; however, what matters most is our local market. While Florida remains in demand we are seeing a slowdown in activity and an increase in listings. Keep in mind that within the last few months mortgage payments have almost doubled and as we all know homeowners insurance is wicked. Affordability has become an issue. Homes are still selling, of course, but the days of aspirational pricing are behind us. You may have seen news headlines like "Home Sellers are Slashing Prices". No. What is happening is sellers are having to reduce prices to come in line with the actual market value. Buyers, if you're waiting for a crash, it's unlikely to happen and, in fact, experts expect prices to continue to appreciate, albeit more slowly. Deciding when to buy a house is based on if it makes sense for you. For buyers the market has improved providing more inventory, time to think, and opportunity to negotiate. If you're thinking about buying, or . ...

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