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Client Appreciation Pie Day!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021   /   by Barbara Oleska

Client Appreciation Pie Day!

Thank you to everyone who joined Andrea and me at Living Flamingo's 2nd Annual Pie Day! We loved seeing you! An extra special thank you to Jason of Cake Stand for baking such amazing pies! We loved seeing you!

Below are pictures from the day and we apologize that we missed some of you. Andrea and I got so pie happy we forgot to take pictures in the beginning - if we missed you, please send a pic so we can add it to the collage.

20211123_141554.jpg  20211123_133316.jpg 
20211123_122910.jpg 20211123_165853.jpg
20211123_135400.jpg 20211123_135425.jpg
20211123_140641.jpg 20211123_170008.jpg
20211123_170324.jpg 20211123_171321.jpg
20211123_172143.jpg 20211123_171924.jpg
20211123_174215.jpg 20211123_180516.jpg
20211123_181134.jpg 20211123_190802.jpg
20211123_182959.jpg 20211123_173502 (1).jpg