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Can We Say Roasty, Toasty Market?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021   /   by Barbara Oleska

Can We Say Roasty, Toasty Market?

So many of my Flamingo buyers are loving amenities and flocking to the Bridges communities! I'm watching the numbers everyday and can we say roasty, toasty market over on the west side? As of this moment there are a total of 12 resale homes available and 34 pending sales. What does that mean? Based on pending sales we have about 2 weeks of inventory. It's supply and demand. 

Seven Bridges
For Sale 3
Pending 16

The Bridges
For Sale 9
Pending 14

Boca Bridges Resale (New Homes still Available - Call me!)
For Sale 0
Pending 4

Prices seem so high and my buyers ask me how much should homes cost in the Bridges communities. I can't give a blanket answer because it depends on so many factors which include size, age, style, view, etc. Another important question is in which collection is the home located? All of the Bridges communities have four collections priced from entree through premium. How close the home is to 441, Lyons, or the Turnpike matters, too.

How a home is positioned on the market is critical! Some homes fly off the shelves with multiple offers and some sit and suffer price reductions. Is a house worth what the seller is asking? There are indicators  and an experienced agent can read the market. if it's priced right, there is no time to wait. Work with your favorite realtor and make that dream home yours!

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